This book was inspired by my own "sleepy surfer" - a 3 year old named Oliver. Oliver has never been surfing, but that doesn't stop him from taking our mini ironing board out of the laundry room and riding imaginary waves in the playroom. At 3 years old, he is still waking up through the night. The excuses run the gamut from monsters, he heard a noise, he's thirsty or he wants to surf! This book was written one morning at 4am while sitting in his rocking chair waiting for him to fall back asleep so I could sneak out in hopes that I wouldn't hit the wrong floor board and wake him back up. I always tell him that he needs to sleep through the whole night if he wants to have enough energy to do whatever it is we're doing the next day. The Sleepy Surfer's passion is obviously surfing - he sleeps all night to surf all day. But this theme can translate to whatever it is your children are passionate about! This is hopefully the first book of many that has been self-published. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bringing this to life!